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Reliable transportation: anywhere and on time

VA Transport is a specialized transportation company offering TL and LTL transportation services, as well as logistics services across Canada. Over the years, our vision has continuously evolved in order to meet the growing challenges in the market place and the specific needs of our customers.  

We specialize in the transportation of household goods such as furniture, appliances and electronics, and we serve the markets of Quebec, Ontario and the Atlantic Provinces, as well as the United States (North Carolina) on a daily basis.

We specialize in the distribution of fragile products from the furniture, appliance and electronics Industries, serving the markets of Quebec, Ontario, and the Atlantic Provinces, as well as the United States (North Carolina) on a daily basis.

We offer a dynamic team that has received a complete product specific training, specialized equipment, cutting edge technology and a network of strategically located distribution centers. This is the foundation that allows us to ensure optimal delivery service with real time tracking.

VA is the solution to fulfill all your requirements related to imported shipping containers, de-stuffing, short term storage, long term warehousing, inventory management and distribution. Our wide range of distribution services includes commercial shipments and final mile logistics (residential deliveries).  

Our approach is to work closely with customers and carefully review with them all their operational needs in shipping and receiving. This process allows us to work in partnership to provide solutions that are comprehensive, simple, and efficient.

In order to ensure its continued success, a company must have a green behavior, an uncompromising position on quality, and a constant quest for innovation. VA uses these guiding principles to stay committed and remain at the forefront of industry trends. At VA, we pledge to work in close collaboration with our customers in order to evolve in partnership. We are the Canadian leader for the handling and transportation of fragile goods.

We do not speculate on what the future holds; we create the future together with you!

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